Space Adventure
«2087. Our scientists have found the new planet and it has been given the name Criptonius. Research expeditions for studying of the new planet have been sent. As subsequently it has become clear, on her to contain resources, very useful to us...»
«Thanks to the Unicraft corporation which is engaged in the space industry many had had an opportunity to earn on production of resources. Try to test also you yourself in this hard business...»
Invite and earn!

The project provides a unique opportunity to earn a partnership program, because in other words, on the invitations of people to you in the project. Thus, you will be able to receive referral deductions to the balance for payment immediately from two levels, which are 7% and 3% respectively.

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  • Profitability
    From 25 to 40% per month!
  • Data protection
    Data encryption and SSL certificate!
  • Turnover of funds
    100% on withdrawal on sale!
  • No limits
    No points!
  • Join now
    1000 silver immediately after registration!
Last replenishment / payment
The last 6 replenishments and the last 6 payments are displayed.

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